Tuesday, April 28, 2015
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Should we stay or should we go?

43-13-Map-of-New-ColoradoShould voters approve the ballot initiative for secession on Nov. 5? Moffat County would become part of Wyoming and the northeastern counties above would become the state of North Colorado.

Map provided by INews at Rocky Mountain PBS Research
By Burt Hubbard
I-News at Rocky Mountain PBS

Weld voters will decide Nov. 5 on secession movement

Colorado could stand to benefit financially and would see some improvement in the educational and economic standings of its remaining citizens if 10 northeastern counties should make good on their threat to secede and carve out a new state of North Colorado.

By those measures, Colorado’s attitude might be, have fun out there, new state!

But what’s left of Colorado would also lose half of its lucrative oil wells, much of its prime farmland and some of the lowest crime areas in the state.

By those measures, Colorado’s attitude might be, can’t we just all get along?


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