Wednesday, July 30, 2014
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Severe weather advisories

The National Weather Service has issued a flood advisory for Johnstown and Milliken until 5:30 p.m. and a flash flood watch until 6 p.m.

Re-5J back to school info and bus schedules

Ready or not, school starts in three weeks for MMS and RHS students. Elementary students return to the classroom August 20. This week's Breeze contains bus schedules, school start schedules and contact information for each school. A high resolution image of the bus schedule and the back to school information are also availble on the website. Click the read more button to access the printable images.

Pool serves as sanctuary on hot summer days

By Danielle Ross/The Johnstown Breeze

During the summer, Roosevelt High School’s pool transforms from a place of hard training and competition into a place of family fun and swim lessons for many local children.

Thompson Rivers Parks and Recreation District is in charge of staffing the pool over the summer, providing lifeguards and swim lesson teachers at the public pool.

Community court means more meaningful sentences

By Danielle Ross/The Johnstown Breeze

Milliken is at the forefront of court innovation since its establishment of the Milliken Community Court in October 2011. The goal of the court is to handle municipal-level offenses, such as truancy, criminal trespass and curfew violations, among others, turning community problems into community solutions that all families and individuals in Milliken can benefit from.

In the less than three years that Milliken’s community court has been in effect, it has documented more than 750 community service hours. The court is located at the Milliken Meeting House building in downtown Milliken, which also houses the police station and social services office. The court operates the first and third Wednesday of each month, with a youth docket on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month. The vast majority of those involved in the program are youngsters.




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Johnstown Breeze Front Page News

New field house coming to Milliken

By Lynn Klyde-Silverstein/The Johnstown Breeze

Milliken will soon be home to a new multipurpose field house for use by the Thompson Rivers Parks and Recreation District.

After the TRPR board voted Monday night to approve building the gymnasium in the Centennial Lake area, the Milliken Board of Trustees followed suit Wednesday night with a unanimous vote.

Milliken Mayor Milt Tokunaga said Wednesday afternoon that talk of the building was premature before the vote, but TRPR Executive Director Clint Dudley was optimistic about the project.



Water recedes with drought and reveals lost California community

By Jaclyn Moyer/High Country News

The lake was a clenched fist, its fingers forced inward by the drought. The water level had already reached a record low, falling lower each rainless day. In 1955, when Folsom Dam was built to create California’s ninth-largest reservoir, the lake flooded a historic gold-mining town called Mormon Island. Now, as the lake level dropped, the remains of the old town slunk back to the surface.


Johnstown a draw for not-so-rough riders

By Danielle Ross/The Johnstown Breeze

Johnstown is no stranger to bikers. In fact, in the summer, Johnstown can see hundreds of bikers roaring through its streets a few times a month.

But rather than complaining about the rough-looking crowd, several businesses in Johnstown welcome the bikers, even posting signs inviting them in for a cold drink and a break from the summer sun.

In the past, biker gangs have earned negative reputations for disruption and violence, but today’s biker organizations often work together to discourage violence. Opposition and rivalry is natural, but organizations don’t benefit from having their members in constant legal trouble, according to Dale Schibbelhut, a longtime motorcycle enthusiast and founder of the information website LetsRide. com.




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